Task "Plan as You Go"

Plans make getting things done a lot easier.  But creating and keeping plans up-to-date can be difficult...

WorkNav makes it easy to "plan-as-you-go" with Live Plans.  All team members can add, edit and complete task To Dos at any time.  The To Dos for a task show the current workflow - the order of doing work, who is responsible for a To Do, and who needs to do what, when and with whom - this is the core of a plan.

Completed To Dos show progress.  A PDF copy of a plan can be instantly emailed to anyone to keep them informed about what is happening and task progress.

To create powerful plans that are easy to understand and implement, simply enter To Dos, tag people involved and tick off To Dos when completed.  Planning has never been faster and easier.

Live Plan-on-a-Page (Premium)

Premium User view of the Live Plan page.