The Best Integration of Project, Task, Team and other Management Activities

WorkNav Plan-on-a-Page software is often compared to Project and Task Management software.

The comparison shows that WorkNav’s broader management capabilities overcome many of the limitations of project and task management software packages.  Some software tries to overcome their limitations with add-ons, but add-ons complicate training and increase costs.

  • Heavy weight (Macro) software

    • Big projects
    • Project Managers’ needs
    • Management Reports
    • Very complex
    • Not linked to personal To Do’s
    • Progress based on estimates
    • High cost
    • Hard to learn
    • Limited use of teams
    • Difficult to access
    • Hard to handle many projects concurrently
    • Missing many important management activities
  • WorkNav

    • The plan-on-page is easy and fast to use for any sized project.
    • Integrated management including project , task, team, time, and meeting management
    • Manages many strategies, projects & tasks together
    • Links project managers and team members
    • Users see the information they need to know
    • Simple to learn & use
    • Low cost
    • Progress based on completed personal To Do’s
    • Web & Mobile access
    • Handles complex management activity in the background
  • Light weight (Micro) software

    • Small projects
    • Looks great
    • Simple to learn & use
    • Low cost
    • Progress based on completed Tasks/To Do’s
    • Easy to access
    • Limited planning
    • Context is hard to see
    • Information you need is distributed on many pages
    • Gets more complex as the number of projects increases
    • Missing many important management activities

When you compare WorkNav to similar products you see it's the best for planning and implementation.