TASKey is a Leading Management Consultancy with over 20 years Software Development Experience

Our aim is to help people work together productively to achieve business and personal goals.  For the last 15 years, our focus has been on developing easily accessible software for people in dispersed locations to easily work together productively to complete simple and complex tasks.

Who we are

TASKey is a Canberra-based privately managed consultancy that focuses on methods and tools to implement and adopt change.  The challenge that has driven TASKey has been how to help individuals and teams to work together globally to achieve business goals.

TASKey’s leadership and change management methods and tools have been validated in the workplace through feedback from clients, ranging from individuals to small businesses to large government departments.  TASKey software has been used to make solutions easy to apply consistently with minimal training, because complex dynamic coordination is managed in the background.

Founded in 1991 by Dr Neil Miller, the company has developed revolutionary, agile software that makes it easy for people to work together globally to get things done.

What we do

TASKey appreciated that the management of strategies, projects and other business processes had a myriad of solutions and tools.  However at the working “To Do” level, coordination is largely achieved by ad hoc personal communications and meetings.  There was an urgent need for a consistent solution and tool(s) to significantly improve working level “To Do” coordination.

TASKey WorkNav software provides an amazingly simple solution to working level “To Do” coordination.  It can be easily accessed from browsers or Apps anywhere at any time.  Many users simply enter the To Dos they know need to be done, and WorkNav brings it all together into understandable and actionable plans and personal To Do lists.  Feedback is provided as work progresses or changes are made that affect you.

WorkNav (from version 7) applies social media type methods to make powerful working level coordination available to everyone anywhere at any time for free (so everyone can participate).  WorkNav makes coordinating work easy and increases productivity.  It will save you time, and reduce a lot of effort and stress.


TASKey software is being used by a range of businesses around the world.

About Dr Neil Miller

Dr Miller is Managing Director of TASKey Pty Ltd and holds responsibility for the organization's research and development and overall sales and support.  He has extensive leadership experience leading a diverse range of teams up to a national organization with 16,000 members.  He has run hundreds of projects and operations, including business continuity planning across the Australian Defence Department for Y2K.

Since establishing TASKey in 1991, Neil's main focus has been developing and validating leadership and management methods and software tools that allow individuals and teams (within and outside organisations) to work together effectively in changing environments.  His one page 10 minute action (work) plan template is being used in over 150 countries.

Along with consulting in the Private and Public sectors, he has presented a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and public courses/workshops for the Australian Defence Force Academy, University of Canberra, Australian National University, Australian Graduate School of Management, Australian School of Business; and Australian Institute of Management.

Company website:  www.taskey.com