Product Features Comparison

Feature WorkNav Free WorkNav Premium Basecamp Smartsheet Wrike Liquid Planner
Browser accessible online and mobile
Mobile App
Basic Project Management
Basic Task management
Gantt/Progress Chart
Email Notifications
Automated data entry by email
Plan on a Page
Team Membership
of Tasks & To Do’s
Presents information from each user’s perspective
Contextual task tree (on a need-to-know basis)
Template your task plans for reuse
Include people not using the software
Easy to Use
Subscription+ for similar capabilities* Free! $30
per month
per month
per month
per month
per month

+     Pricing is based on the interpretation of website pricing on 17 June 2014.

*     Direct comparisons are difficult to achieve.  WorkNav provides basic free users with the ability to login to add unlimited projects, tasks and To Do’s; create and update Plans on a Page; update To Do lists that are synchronized with plans and other user’s To Do lists; add external contacts; send To Do assignment emails; and print basic reports.  Subscriptions for other software in the review are based on the number of projects/sheets or the number of users who can add and update tasks.

    Gray dot indicates that this free feature is only partial compared to the paid version.